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Tom Raynor

3D VFX Artist

I am a 3D Visual Effects Artist at Industrial Light and Magic in London. I am fascinated by the fast paced and constantly evolving world of Visual Effects. I come from a scientific background, and completed a four year masters degree at Oxford University in Chemistry before starting at the Mill in early 2010. I worked in commercials at The Mill for 6 years before moving into the world of film at ILM as an FX Supervisor.

Although I am a generalist, and have a wide range of skills including modelling, tracking, lighting and rendering, my particular area of expertise is in FX, simulating complex phenomena such as particle and fluid dynamics, rigid bodies and effects animation.

I work hard to maintain a balance between the technical side of my work and the creative side. I enjoy solving artistic as well as technical problems, and constantly try to push the boundaries of what is possible in visual effects.