VW Beetle

  • Director: Dante Ariola
  • Production Company: MJZ
  • Agency: Deutsch
  • Task: Tracking/Layout. Modelled Hi-Res Terrain

In 2011 I was extrememly fortunate to be involved in this superbowl spot for Volkswagen where an exquisitely animated, striped beetle dodges natural foes in the woods with the prowess of a 21st Century VW Beetle in a heart-pounding car chase.

I was responsible for the 3d camera tracking, layout and modelling of high-res environments for a number of shots in the commercial. A fun little trick I used to quickly generate clean, non triangulated terrains was to export a high res triangulated mesh generated from an extremely dense PFTrack point cloud, bring it into Maya and drop a Maya nCloth object onto the mesh so that it wrapped around the surface. This provided a topologically clean starting point for further sculpting of the environment.