Lynx – My Angel Girlfriend

  • Director: Frank Todaro
  • Production Company: Moxie Pictures
  • Agency: BBH
  • Task: Lighting, Rendering, Hair & Fur, 3D Tracking

Following the success of the popular Axe/Lynx ‘Even Angels Will Fall’ advert, this 60 second commercial features the ups and downs of dating a winged angel. From a simple picnic in the park to a meal in a romantic restaurant and the explosive drive home, we share the pitfalls of having a girlfriend with huge feathered angel wings.

I was involved in this project right from the start and my first task was to camera track and layout the ad in its entirety. I then took on a number of shots including the park and restaurant sequences and was responsible for lighting and rendering them. I was also involved in making custom pipeline tools to improve speed and efficiency from the first advert. This included writing tools for nuke in python to help manage the complex compositing networks.

I also used Softimage and ICE to create a subtle layer of fur on the angel wings, which gave us a softer more tactile feel to the shoulders of the wings and helped push the detail in the close ups. This fur pass was rendered using Arnold.