Mini Countryman

  • Director: Mitch Statten
  • Production Company: Mitch Stratten Systems
  • Agency: WCRS
  • Task: Lead FX TD

In this project 5 chubby samurai, 2 tired beehives, 3058 glass eyes, 12 rapping puffer fish, 5 leaf blowers, 4 ghosts and a skunk are brought together in a series of very weird and wonderful sponsorship idents for Mini Countryman. These idents were aired in the commercial breaks of The Jonathan Ross Show on ITV1.

I was the lead FX TD on the job, responsible for the simulation of the 3058 glass eyeballs which fall from above and jump inside the foot wells of the mini. For this task I used Maya’s nParticles toolset. I also assisted in the simulation of the swarm of bee’s that appear and engulf the car.

Early motion tests