Powerade Liquid Ball

  • Director: PK
  • Production Company: The Mill
  • Agency: Mother
  • Task: Fluid FX, Tracking, Layout, Animation, Shoot Supervisor

This Powerade campaign, directed by PK one of The Mill’s in house directors, consisted of a series of idents as part of the official sponsorship of the 2012 UFEA Euro games. The project used a mixed Realfow, XSI and Houdini pipeline. All fluid simulations were done in Realflow and all animation and 3d Roto was done in XSI. Houdini was used to bring all the elements together at the render stage, to post manipulate the fluid particle attributes and mesh the fluid particle caches. We also used Houdini’s powerful volume tools to provide an internal glow to the fluid based on it’s speed.

Below are a few captures of work in progress fluid simulations done in realflow as well as some impact and swirling elements that were generated in realflow and meshed in Houdini. We wrote a number of python scripts in Houdini to help bring animation in from XSI and generally speed up our workflow between the three packages.

Realflow Captures

Meshed Particles Sims